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Black Friday (sigh!)

Click here  for Waterstones Black Friday

(I don’t even know what Black Friday is. Don’t want to, either)

My recommendations:

Half Price Offer – The Essex Serpent

Beautiful books for Under £10 – The Underground Railroad (my review in due course – a must read)

– The Power (on my to-read list)



Four Hours

of my life gone today cooking this.  I hate cooking.  And now I don’t want to eat any of it.

No Comment

I suspect there’s been a problem leaving comments on this blog, and which should be solved now so if you’ve been having difficulty please give it another go.



I’m staying here.

Lots of book reviews to come tomorrow.  And a Quote if you’re lucky.



A Dilemma And A Question

Long story short.  I have no work at present and annoyingly I am about to have to renew my web host’s services (i.e. if I don’t the website disappears).

I can’t really afford  the money right now, but I love the blog because it keeps my creative juices flowing a bit and so helps my well-being.

I don’t honestly know who reads, likes or hates this blog.  So I am asking you, dear readers, would you like me to keep it going?  If I get an overwhelming positive response (hem-hem) I’ll find the money and continue on.


There Will Now be A Short Intermission

Backson.  Bisy.  (Probably till early September.)

(You can subscribe to the Blog via email at bottom –  if you won’t want to forget about me)



(All petition email addresses have been deleted – thank you for your support!)

I Need A Job

I really need a job from September.  Anyone have any ideas or offers?


To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.

Samuel Beckett